12 Unique Weekend Getaways in Alabama You Should Visit in 2019

Alabama's got a lot of great vacation spots to visit, but maybe you've been missing out - here are some awesome weekend getaways for you and the family to enjoy throughout 2019.

Mount Cheaha

Known to many Auburn University students as the go-to hiking and camping spot, Mount Cheaha stuns with impressive natural wonder. After all, it’s less than two hours from the school! You can take the family here for one of your awesome weekend getaways, or day-trip with your dog. Either way, you can expect good times.


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Lake Martin

Lake Martin is best enjoyed with friends, but that doesn’t mean out-of-town visitors can’t find their fill of good fun. In fact, we’ve written a whole article about things you can do here! Check it out past this link. There are a host of tasty restaurants, copious mini-beaches, and lots of entertainment.

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Tombigbee River Valley

You can enjoy a number of activities in this low-key spot. There’s a museum, kayaking, and a lake with support for activities like camping and fishing. It’s absolutely one of the more “slow-going” jaunts on this list, but hey… there’s a place in Alabama for everyone, right?

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While Birmingham gets most of the tourism attention, Montgomery has seen a revitalization in recent years. The Montgomery Biscuits, the city’s minor league baseball team, has had a lot to do with that. But there’s a lot of other great stuff including Civil Rights history, a fabulous Riverfront area, and a downtown teeming with activities.

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Tuskegee is home to lots of awesome history regarding the Tuskegee Airmen. That much is readily apparent the second you get there – but what lots of folks may not know about is the beautiful nature surrounding the area. Tuskegee National Forest and Lake Tuskegee are both great candidates for a trip away from it all.

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The Conecuh

The Conecuh area of the United States is located in southern Alabama along the Florida panhandle. There’s a massive sausage festival held here each year, and a couple of national wildlife reserves. If none of that’s your speed, you can find some deep-South history here, or take a dive in the Point “A” Lake.

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Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain and Little River Canyon are a hidden treasure of Alabama. While lots of folks know about the adjacent Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail – which is great – few know about the Desoto State park and Little River Canyon National Preserve. Both offer some amazing, scenic views and are perfect for weekend getaways.

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Bankhead Forest

This one’s a bit of a wildcard, but for those adventurers reading: you’ll want to check it out. The Bankhead Forest is home to Alabama’s biggest land bridge, Dismals Canyon, and a totally unique park called the Ave Maria Grotto. It’s beautiful, as well, and has lots of areas where you can launch a kayak or other small watercraft.

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Huntsville’s a familiar name for many Alabamians, but like Montgomery, it’s been the center of a cultural renewal in the past few years. Big technology companies have brought a lot of innovation to the area, and there’s a lot of new, fun activities to enjoy. Plus, there’s always the trusty visit to the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center!

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Dauphin Island

Beaches are many, and while you can find all sorts of fun in the sun via crowd favorites like Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Dauphin Island is a bit more isolated. It’s at the end of a really long bridge, and – like its name implies – is an island. Historic Fort Gaines rests here, and you can visit the Dauphin Island Sea Lab to interact with wildlife.

Editor’s choice for weekend getaways in Alabama!

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If you’ve never been to Mobile, it’s fair to say you’re missing out. They’ve got a real-life World War II battleship and submarine you can visit. In addition to these two visit-worthy attractions, you can also check out the city’s Mardi Gras history and fresh seafood. Plus – it doesn’t hurt that Mobile’s got some natural beauty that’s hard to beat!

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Desoto Caverns

If you were ever a part of the Scouting programs (Cub, Boy, Girl) then you likely went on a field or camping trip to Desoto Caverns. If you didn’t participate in these organizations, it’s possible you’ve never been. The Caverns comprise one of Alabama’s coolest attractions, giving you a usually impossible look under the Earth’s surface.

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That's what we've got for now! Be sure to come back as we update this list with even more cool weekend getaways. And if you've got anything you'd like to share with us, join us on Facebook or Instagram! Just search for "Central Alabama Weekend" and we'll be the first to pop up.