5 Cloverdale Restaurants You Don’t Want to Miss

While you're likely aware that historic Cloverdale is home to many a unique sight, did you know about all of the amazing food in the area? From classic burgers to psychedelic taco shops, you can find pretty much anything. Here are some great choices that you may not have known about - and be sure to check out some great parks in the area, while you're at it.

(Source: Facebook/Vintage Year)

Vintage Year

Vintage Year is one of the swankier restaurants you’ll find in Cloverdale, but here’s the catch: you can find both casual and upscale dishes here. Whether you’re looking for smoked salmon or a traditional burger, Vintage Year has got a wide range of foods from which you can choose. They’ve also got a unique cocktail menu, featuring a number gin and bourbon-centric drinks. But we’d argue that Vintage Year’s most popular attraction is its “Tuesday Burger Night,” where there are loads of specials on both food and drink.





El Rey Burrito Lounge

Do you like lounging? How about burritos? Then you should check out the El Rey Burrito Lounge. It’s one of the area’s hottest spots for Mexican-inspired food. And because many of the eats here are locally sourced, you’re doing your civic duty by eating here and supporting the community. If all that wasn’t enough, El Rey stands apart from the typical Mexican restaurant because of its varied menu of vegetarian options and funky, hip environment. El Rey is one of the most unique Mexican joints we’ve ever seen.

(Source: Martin's Restaurant)

Martin’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for home-style, southern cooking, then shift your eyes to Martin’s Restaurant. Here, you’ll find all sorts of great food, all of it made with the intent of putting you into a state of glorious food coma. There are collard greens, potatoes, beans, French fries, potatoes, burgers, and perhaps most famous among the restaurant’s veterans: fried chicken. Individuals come from across Central Alabama come to get a taste of Martin’s immaculate, crispy chicken.

Jubilee Seafood

With the good Mexican, Italian, and southern options on our list, you might be wondering where all the great seafood is. You don’t have to look any further than Jubilee Seafood to find it. For 25 years, owner Bud Skinner has been crafting tasty, Gulf Coast cuisine. While Jubilee falls more on the expensive side of things, you’d be hard-pressed to find an establishment serving better seafood in Cloverdale – consider this the perfect half of a dinner-and-movie date night.

(Source: Tomatino's Pizza and Bake Shop)

Tomatino’s Pizza and Bake Shop

Tomatino’s has one of the more varied menus among pizza places we’ve seen in some time. You can find all sorts of different, flavorful pies on this menu, and if you’re looking for something smaller, you can order one of their create-your-own Calzones. And pizza isn’t all that’s on the menu: Tomatino’s has sandwiches, breadsticks, tea, coffee and a host of different beers from around the world for you to sample. It’s the perfect choice when you, your date, or your child can’t agree on what to get for dinner.