6 Chinese Restaurants in Central Alabama You’re Missing out on

With so many great Chinese restaurants in and around Montgomery, it's likely that you've been choosing whichever is closest when heading out to eat. But you might be missing some really fantastic establishments, so here are six that you should check out next time you're craving Chinese.

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Mr. Chen's

Mr. Chen’s is one of the only authentic Chinese restaurants you’ll find in Central Alabama. It also sits next to a grocery store filled to the brim with amazing, imported treats.

Address: 5461 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36109

(Source: Asia Bistro & Seafood/Facebook)

Asia Bistro

While Asia Bistro has Japanese and Thai options, their menu’s main influence still seems to be Chinese. That same menu is almost 100 items long, giving customers a huge selection of foods.

Address: 7839 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36117

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Chin Chin

Loaded with a number of lunch and dinner specials, Chin Chin is one of Montgomery’s better-kept secrets when it comes to Chinese food. The restaurant features a number of tasty vegetarian dishes, as well.

Address: 3449 Malcolm Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116

(Source: Ming's Garden/Facebook)

Ming's Garden

Ming’s Garden is a time-honored pillar of Chinese food in Montgomery. When all others fail, Ming’s is there with quality service and a robust, diverse menu of entrees.

Address: 1609, 1741 Eastern Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36117

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No. 1 China

No. 1 China is a contender not for its stellar presentation or beautifully prepared dishes – it’s the king of takeout. It’s easy to obtain massive amounts of delicious food on the cheap if you take advantage of their specials.

Address: 2549 Madison Ave, Montgomery, AL 36107

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Panda Inn

While likely the most corporate among those on our list, Panda Inn modernizes the Chinese food experience – and does so with tasty food that’s prepared exceptionally fast.

Address: 4023 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36109