Acapulco’s Montgomery Open, Offers Stellar Mexican Food

Acapulco's Mexican Grill is now open in Montgomery.

Acapulco’s Montgomery is now open for business! The Mexican restaurant is housed inside the old Ixtapa location on the Atlanta Highway, and we went this afternoon. You can see the video of our adventure up above!

Acapuloco’s has locations in both Auburn and Phenix City, each pulling a large share of the market to call their own. The Montgomery location opened their doors last week to resounding success – there were lots of people in the restaurant during the lunch hour Tuesday.

What to expect at Acapulco’s Montgomery

You’ll find that the Montgomery Acapulco’s offers much of the typical Tex-Mex fare: burritos, tacos, rice, beans, enchiladas and more. And while that might initially strike you as generic, the service is wonderful and the environment fantastic. The people working at Acapulco’s were stellar, and that alone set the business apart.

They’ve also got a really nice bar area for those interested, with a wide selection of booze. It’s set inside a cozy alcove, and for that reason, is set away from the main stretch of restaurant. It’s cozy, and will certainly be a fun spot for the Central Alabama community to gather on weekends; a lot of football or other sports will be viewed here.

Address: 6132 Atlanta Highway

This new addition to Montgomery’s infrastructure impressed us. The company obviously knows what makes a good restaurant tick, opening multiple copies of their chain across numerous markets. If you head out to Acapulco’s Montgomery, be sure to let us know on social media – maybe we’ll even share a couple of your photos! You can join us on both Facebook and Instagram, so take your pick; we’d love to have you on both.

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