Adrienne’s Downtown Bar Drinks – Blackberry Martini

Learn how the Blackberry Martini is made at Adrienne's Downtown Bar in Prattville, Alabama.

Downtown Prattville is home to so many of our favorite businesses and attractions. You can enjoy a stroll through the Creekwalk, grab some pizza, and take some pictures in the bamboo forest just five minutes away. When you’re wrapping up the night and need a good way to wind down, then what better option is a good drink or two? You can find just that at Adrienne’s Downtown Bar, located adjacent to the aforementioned Creekwalk.

Inside, Adrienne’s Downtown Bar features a hip, cool atmosphere that will have you coming back over and over. There’s a full-size bar, a heap of tables, and a massive couch to engage in conversation with others. It’s one of the classiest spots in the River Region, and with such good refreshments available, you’ll wonder how you haven’t heard about them before.

Today, we’re talking about one refreshment in particular: the Blackberry Martini. Bartender Brittany Bridges teaches you how to make it, and shows us what the finished product looks like. Be warned: this’ll have you wanting to go to Adrienne’s Downtown Bar this weekend – we hope you haven’t made plans already!

I want more from Adrienne’s Downtown Bar!

And hey – this is the second video in our three-part series with Adrienne’s Downtown Bar. You can find the first past this link, where bartender Brandon Williams teaches you how to create the aptly named “Prattvegas” cocktail. It’s a heap of fun, and you take the opportunity to get excited for our upcoming third video with the Prattville bar.

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