Adrienne’s Downtown Bar – The ‘Prattvegas’ Cocktail

Learn how to make the Prattvegas cocktail with Adrienne's Downtown Bar.

Adrienne’s Downtown Bar in Prattville is one of the best hangout spots in town. They’ve got a relaxed atmosphere, great drinks, and stellar people.

And since there are so many great aspects to the bar, it comes as no surprise that we’re highlighting them on Central Alabama Weekend. We’ve got a few different drink tutorials that we’re going to show you, but this week, we’re taking a look at their ‘Prattvegas’ cocktail. It’s a great concoction, and will provide a great start to any Friday night.

Speaking of – can’t it be Friday already?

At any rate, check out our video up above. Bradley Williamson explains how to make the “Prattvegas” mixed drink at Adrienne’s Downtown Bar. With his expert bartending skills, it’ll take less than a minute to learn the ins and outs of this unique, Prattville-exclusive drink. So how about it? Are you in for a fun time? Then head to Adrienne’s Downtown Bar this weekend – or tonight, if you’re feeling up to it.

I mean… we’re going to be there, so why aren’t you?

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