AL residents invited to FREE concert featuring ALABAMA

If you and about 4.875 million of your closest friends aren’t doing anything in late May, how about a road trip to a FREE concert… in Kansas? Gas up the car, we’re ALL invited. Every. Single. Alabamian!

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is extending the invitation to the Yellowhammer State as a way of promoting the Tumbleweed Music Festival, set to take place May 30-June 1 in La Cygne, KS.

La Cygne – population 1,150 – is south of Kansas City and can surely accommodate a few extra million visitors.

This is the 4th Annual Tumbleweed Music Fest, and 2019 organizers are honoring 50 years of the legendary band ALABAMA.

Residents will also get to enjoy more than 25 other artists including The Marshall Tucker Band, Blackberry Smoke, Whiskey Myers and Reckless Kelly.

Don’t expect your invite in the mail. There’s not enough saliva in the world to lick that many stamps. Instead, there’s a three-step process to get you in free.


Such an invite sparked our curiosity, so we grabbed our calculator.

If we all carpooled four to a car, we’d only need 1.2 million vehicles to get to the concert. That’s Uber doable, right?

A trip from Montgomery to La Cygne is about 800 miles (give or take a few). Since Montgomery is in the center of the state, we’ll take it as the average distance from Alabama to the concert.

If we all left together, we could create a traffic jam the likes of which would be comparable to Tuesday afternoon rush hour on an LA freeway! How big of a jam? Well, a convoy stretched out over four lanes would fill up every bit of the road to that sweet sounding, free concert.

Last one to the state line, please turn out the lights!

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