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Alabama’s Biggest Fear May Surprise You

Alabama’s known for many things, including its bravado. We don’t back down, we’re tough, and we let the world know it – sometimes to a degree that’s embarrassing. We’re a proud people here in the Yellowhammer State. Because of that, “Alabama’s biggest fear” isn’t something many usually consider.

“Scared” isn’t really a term that crosses the cultural lexicon of the South very often.

But when we do get scared, we’d never admit it publicly. We’ll do our best to hide whatever it is that’s got us quaking in our boots. And for that reason, many end up at Google, looking for answers that we’re a little too scared to search for in the real world.

A Secure Life puts together an annual list of the most-Googled fears for each state. And surprise: this year’s list is out just in time for October and Halloween.

So, what do you think Alabama’s biggest fear is?




If any of those were your guesses, you’d be pretty far-off. It turns out Alabamians have a huge, insurmountable fear of “foreclosure.”

While that’s pretty tame, it’s no less a terrifying thought.

The fright that’s striking the most states comes as “mold.” Apparently, folks are having a hard time keeping the fungus out of house and home. Again, a pretty tame-sounding terror when compared to Georgia’s “Someone’s in my house” or North Dakota’s “stalkers.”

Someone really needs to figure out what’s happening in Georgia.

If you’re interested in seeing the full list check out the graphic below or head over to A Secure Life and read their full write-up. As a result, they’ve got more information on how they pooled the data and lots of other cool stuff.

But if you enjoyed learning about Alabama’s biggest fear, why not join us on Central Alabama Weekend? We’ve got lots of cool stories coming up for October, some of them frightening!

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