This Alabama swamp is home to phantom vehicles, porcelain dolls and strange lights

Haunted dolls, strange lights, and phantom cars are all a part of the Bear Creek Swamp mythos.

Bear Creek Swamp is one of Prattville’s lesser-known attractions. It straddles a very long public access dirt road that extends through a stretch of marshland. Trees rise up from the swamp’s shallow waters and obscure anything that might be visible to someone standing a few hundred feet away. At night, the scene becomes scary for some, and for good reason… Bear Creek Swamp is allegedly the home of unexplained lights, sounds, and even spectral vehicles.

Alex Bobulinski of Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal told us about his experience in the swamp. He caught – on film – a light that he can’t explain. It appears abruptly on video and that flickers away about one minute later. Was it swamp gas? A car that decided to turn around in the middle of the swamp? Both seem highly unlikely, and Bobulinski isn’t shy to voice that opinion.

And get this: 21 porcelain dolls were found mounted to the top of stakes protruding from the swamp water back in 2014. To this day, no one has figured out who put them there. Sure, it could be a harmless prank to add to the legend of Bear Creek Swamp, but maybe there’s something paranormal afoot. You never know.

Have you been to Bear Creek Swamp?

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