Best Burgers in Montgomery

A good burger is like an escape. It takes you away from all the troubles and trials of life – if only for a few minutes at lunchtime or dinner. And lucky for you and I, the best burgers in Montgomery are all waiting for you on today’s list. Let’s take a look at just a few of the best burgers in Montgomery!

In no particular order…

10. Full Moon BBQ

Alright, alright – sure, this is a barbecue joint. But at the end of the day, a good burger is a good burger, right? You can head down to Full Moon any day of the week for an amazing burger, and if you end up feeling like something different, there’s an array of different foods available at your pleasure.

9. La Jolla

Upscale dining at La Jolla doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at the best burger in Montgomery here! La Jolla has a deceptively plain-looking but great-tasting burger of which many likely aren’t aware. We love digging into La Jolla’s burgers, and if you’re ever around, why not give them a shot?

8. D’Road Cafe

Oh, D’Road Cafe – how you’ve given many a great lunch or dinner. You truly are one of Montgomery’s finest, but we often forget about one of your most delicious offerings…  your amazing, Turkey-laden “Venezuela Burger.” It’s one of the more unique items on this list, and you should absolutely try it if you haven’t already!

7. Front Porch Grill

Ever heard of too much bun and too little content? Well, Front Porch Grill heard you loud and clear and provide a burger that doesn’t skip on the goods. This mom-and-pop shop in Millbrook may not lie within Montgomery’s city limits, but it’s a staple and we’d be hard-pressed to not include them in this list.

6. Stockyard Grill

Look: it’s called the Stockyard Grill for a reason. They do meats, and they do them well. Do we really need to say more? On your next lunch break, head down to Stockyard for one of the River Region’s most delectable burgers. Don’t take our word for it – see the stellar reviews on their Facebook page.

5. Vicki’s Lunch Van

Vicki’s Lunch Van is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not really a van so much as it is a building – one that houses one of the best burgers in Montgomery! If you’re lucky enough to visit this Montgomery staple for lunch, how about grabbing one of their exemplary burgers? Check out the picture below…

4. Joe’s Again

In fairness, Joe’s Again is known for two things – great buffalo wings and amazing ribs. And who can blame them? This is the South! But they’ve got a secret weapon – one of the best burgers in Montgomery. We drive right past Joe’s Again every morning on the way to work here at Central Alabama Weekend – don’t ask how many times we’ve been there…

3. Vintage Year

Vintage Year has become a Montgomery tradition, and their burgers are to die for. Every Tuesday night, they offer burger specials, along with great drinks and atmosphere. There’s hardly a better spot to enjoy quality cuisine, and having burgers in the mix just adds to an already amazing experience.

2. Hamburger King

It stands to reason that a restaurant named “Hamburger King” would have one of the best burgers in Montgomery. Hamburger King stands tall as one of our city’s time-honored traditions, and while the building it’s housed in might make you skeptical, this is one of the best spots for lunch or dinner.

1. The Cork & Cleaver – One of the best burgers in Montgomery

We love The Cork & Cleaver – it’s honestly one of the most-frequented lunch spots among those of us here at Central Alabama Weekend. Their Cowboy and Cowhand Burgers are next-level. They have some of the best sauces, and they spice up the burgers with jalapenos; these are optional, of course. Either way… we highly recommend this great Zelda Road restaurant. You can even find our video on the business past this link!

So that’s it! Do you agree with our picks? Like us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to let us know! As always – thanks for tunig in.