Best Fried Chicken in Montgomery

Fried chicken is an iconic member of the South’s armory of flavors. And, I think it’s fair to say, we do it better. However, who has the best fried chicken in Montgomery? Let’s look at some of the contenders.

10. Eastbrook Cafe

The Eastbrook Cafe isn’t in the most central area of Montgomery. Nestled along Coliseum Boulevard on the way into downtown, many likely forget about this great spot. Their fried chicken is some of the best in the area, and if you’re not feeling that, they’ve got a ton of other stuff to choose from, as well.

9. Gail’s Down the Street Cafe

I mean – look at that picture. Do we really need to say more? That’s southern cooking at its finest, and Gail’s has become a name synonymous with stellar food in Montgomery. Located just off the interstate on Zelda Road, you’ll find this great business packed to the brim during lunch time. If you want some of the best fried chicken in Montgomery, show up early… or late.

8. Davis Cafe

7. O’dessa’s Blessing Restaurant

Montgomery’s downtown is home to a number of swanky, upscale restaurants – O’Dessa’s Blessing is not that. But their space is unique, and the food? Well, that’s out of this world. O’dessa’s fried chicken is to die for, and if you haven’t tried this special Montgomery spot yet, then what are you waiting for? Get to it!

6. Martin’s Restaurant

A time-honored fixture of the Montgomery community, Martin’s Restaurant brings some of the finest, traditional southern cooking around to the table – literally. Sit down at Martin’s, enjoy fried chicken composed with some of the oldest recipes around, and leave with a full belly. There are very few choices better than Martin’s when it comes to authentic southern food in Central Alabama.

5. Mrs. B’s Home Cooking

OK, OK – I admit it. We’ve got a soft spot for Mrs. B’s. We’ve featured them on our website before, but that doesn’t change the cold, hard fact that they’ve got amazing food and fried chicken. They’re located inside a traditional Montgomery home, and while the air conditioning has a hard time supporting all of the guests during summer, it’s just testament to how good the grub is.

4. Derk’s Filet & Vine

In fairness, fried chicken is one of many things that Derk’s does. They’ve got wine, meatloaf, fish, and tons of other great food. Their fried chicken certainly stands a cut above the rest, though. They’re the only Cloverdale spot that’s serving up deliciously delectable fried chicken – probably because they’ve run every other competitor out of the area!

3. Cahawba House

Cahawba House is a special spot for Montgomery. It’s one of the few areas in downtown Montgomery that offers fried chicken. They are one of the elite bastions of southern cooking across Central Alabama. If you’re not in a veritable food coma after leaving the Cahawba House, something went terribly wrong. Don’t skip out on this one, boys and girls.

2. Stockyard Grill

The Stockyard Grill is only open for lunch hours, but in this short time, they scare away all competitors. The stockyard grill does it all: burgers, fried chicken, and more. And while the decor might seem a bit “out there,” rest assured that you’ll have a superior plate of food in front of you in no time. This is another spot that you should plan in advance for – things get pretty crowded.

Little Donkey – best fried chicken in Montgomery?

I mean – what did we do to deserve Little Donkey? They’re Mexican food-centric, but have some of the area’s best, award-winning fried chicken. It’s not particularly fair how good this place is – their niche should completely disallow them from even being considered to have the best fried chicken in Montgomery. But then here we are.

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