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Best Steaks in Montgomery

The South does a lot of stuff right, and that’s especially true with food. We are the makers of some of the world’s finest produce, meat, and more. It should come as no surprise, then, that Montgomery is home to some of the best steaks across the region. We’re focusing on the Capital of Dreams in today’s list, showing off some of the best and brightest establishments its got to offer. These are the best steaks in Montgomery.

In no particular order…

Best Steaks in Montgomery – Charles Anthony’s ‘The Pub’

‘The Pub’ trends on the upscale while still remaining affordable and delicious. They’ve got a traditional, white tablecloth approach that isn’t overbearing or too professional. In fact, for a restaurant with ‘The Pub’ in the title, they are actually a pretty good candidate for date night – and the steaks are to die for. Check out our extensive list of other great date night options past this link.

Best Steaks in Montgomery – Central

While Charles Anthony’s caters to the casual diner, Central plays no bones about its place atop the pile of upscale restaurants in the River Region. If you want a truly elite experience, then Montgomery-folk know exactly where to go. And, of course, you can find one of the best steaks in Alabama right here in this downtown business.

Best Steaks in Montgomery – Vintage Year

Vintage Year has become an iconic piece of the Cloverdale infrastructure. They are known for their artsy dishes, flair, and weekly burger nights. But what you may not know is that they’ve also got one of the best steaks in Montgomery. The picture above features one of their most recent preparations – if that isn’t enough to at least pique your interest, then what is?

Best Steaks in Montgomery – La Jolla

La Jolla remains a Montgomery tradition of excellence. They’ve been a bastion of fine dining for years. For that reason, they’ve had a lot of trial and error. If anyone knows what makes a good steak, it’s these guys. Show up to La Jolla anytime Monday through Saturday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm for stellar food and atmosphere.

Best Steaks in Montgomery – Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Here on Central Alabama Weekend, we do our best to stay away from chains – we like to bring you the local flavor that makes each region of our beautiful state so succulent. However, we can’t ignore the steaks that reside inside Firebirds Wood Fired Grill out in Eastchase. The destination is a popular hangout spot for people of all ages, and the food is absolutely delicious.

Best Steaks in Montgomery – Longhorn Steakhouse

While we’re on the topic of chains, let’s go ahead and talk about Longhorn Steakhouse. I understand that local flavor is important and all, but it’s hard to ignore this one. I mean, it’s literally called a “steakhouse.” They’ve got to be doing something right, or they wouldn’t have made it this long. Head down to Longhorn for good eats.

Best Steaks in Montgomery – Itta Bena

Itta Bena is a Montgomery staple of fine dining. They’re located inside the Montgomery Wind Creek Casino, and provide a great stopover in between your jaunts into the gaming space. And what’s better than tearing into a delicious steak on one of these breaks? Hardly anything – especially if you’ve been on a roll. Don’t miss Itta Bena next time you’re visiting.

Best Steaks in Montgomery – TASTE

TASTE rides the line between upscale and fine dining in a way that few others can. They give customers a taste of the best delicacies around – and I mean it’s in the name, so how can you go wrong? One of their most fabulous dishes is their amazing steak. You can get it on top of some of the most tasty potatoes ever, along with a glass of wine from one of their many vintages. Check out our video on TASTE by clicking here!

Best Steaks in Montgomery – The Cork and Cleaver

The Cork and Cleaver is a time-honored favorite among those of us here at Central Alabama Weekend. They’ve got a varied-but-not-too-full menu of delicious items to choose from, and all for great prices; we even made a video about them, which you can find right here. They offer one of the most delicious steaks you can find in Montgomery.

Honorable Mention – FIRE

I can’t officially put FIRE on this list because they are located in Wetumpka. But we’ve been so impressed with their food in the past that we can’t leave them to the wayside. That’s why they and their steaks find themselves in this honorable mention spot. If you’re heading into Wetumpka for a little gaming and get hungry, you know where to go.

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