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Blue Bell Christmas Cookies Available for 2018 Holiday Season

Blue Bell’s Christmas Cookies flavor returned to stores on Monday! It’s one of their most popular flavors, and given that the holiday season is now here, our Blue Bell overlords have returned the Blue Bell Christmas Cookies flavor to store shelves just in time.

If you’ve never had the Christmas Cookies flavor before, here’s the lowdown: imagine chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookie ice cream all wrapped up into one delectable concoction. And as an added bonus, there are red sprinkles with a green icing swirl mixed in.

If you’re not about that life, then why bother? You obviously hate ice cream. And fun. And Christmas.

Seriously, though – enjoy this limited release while you can. The stuff flies off store shelves when it becomes available, and we’d be a journalistic failure if we didn’t let you know as soon as possible. You can bet that when folks start getting off work later today, the ice cream will become a hard-to-find commodity.

But hey: you’ve been warned. And knowing is half the battle!

Will you be heading out this evening to collect the infamous Blue Bell Christmas Cookies ice cream? Or are you going to stay home like a lump, beholden to nothing but an average TV dinner and overbearing sadness?

The choice is yours, friend.

Blue Bell Christmas Cookies not the only thing we cover!

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