Chicken Nuggets: Get 100 for $10 at Burger King This Weekend

The weekend of nuggets is upon us, my brothers and sisters. Hark, for the angels singeth us a song of kinship, bonding, and fried goodness.

Anyway, all theatrics aside, you can get 100 chicken nuggets at Burger King for $10 starting yesterday, according to Thrillist. The catch is that you’ll have to be living in Los Angeles, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale to cash in on this monstrous opportunity. But for those of us living in here Central Alabama, don’t fret – there’s good news.

As an additional part of this promotion, customers everywhere else will be able to order 10 chicken nuggets for the low, low price of $1. And simple math dictates that you can get the same deal as our friends in Los Angeles by just getting 10 orders of chicken nuggets. Sure, they get free shipping and a commemorative label, but who needs that when you’ve got the divine taste of chicken nugget in your mouth?

Bear in mind that this promotion only lasts until October 14, meaning that you’ll need to take advantage of it this weekend. And since we’ve got so many great ways to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you won’t have a hard time pooling some friends together to enter nugget nirvana.

Of course, maybe you just want to smash all the chicken nuggets together and roll them around like a dung beetle. That’s your choice, too.

I know it’s mine.

Chicken nuggets aren’t the only thing we cover here

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As always, thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you around town (and full of nuggets) this weekend.