Civil Axe Throwing open in Montgomery

Throw axes and bring your own beer to this new business!

Axes and wanton destruction – what’s not to like? A new business has just opened its doors in downtown Montgomery, and they’re offering both in spades. Civil Axe Throwing gives you the unique opportunity to – as its name implies – throw hunks of sharpened metal at large blocks of wood.

Plus… you can bring your own beer!

Now, if all that still hasn’t sold you on this great spot, then we don’t know what to say. You’re just not a whole lot of fun.

Sorry. But not really.

Being that it’s a new business, their hours aren’t quite set in stone just yet. But you can stop by most nights for a good time. You’ll rent out one of the throwing areas for an hour at a time; two people can throw simultaneously. That means that you’ll get the most fun if you bring a group with which to hang out.

There are two different axes you can throw: two-handed and one-handed. It’s a little intimidating at first, but that fear turns to funĀ realĀ fast.

You can also get some of the t-shirts and other merchandise they’ve got lining the walls. Just in case you want to help out this new leg of the Civil Axe Throwing franchise.

Needless to say, we had a good time during our visit. Take a look at the video up above to get a quick look, and head over to Civil Axe Throwing’s Facebook to schedule your time.

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