Cook Out restaurant now open in Montgomery!

Cook Out is finally open in Montgomery, and you've got to try it!

It’s the moment Montgomery has been waiting for – Zelda Road’s Cook Out restaurant is finally open, and believe us: it’s definitely worth trying.

Montgomery-folk have been waiting for months to see what sort of experience Zelda Road’s latest attraction would offer. That moment’s finally here, and it comes in the form of Cook Out’s latest link in their restaurant chain.

The new Cook Out restaurant certainly has a large menu – as you can see in the video above – but it remains an easy, casual experience. You can have whatever your heart desires, so long as it fits the bill of quick-and-easy. Cook Out offers burgers, quesadillas, milkshakes, fries, hush-puppies, and tons of other treats. And there are lots of different combinations available for those of you wanting to try the menu in a more expanded way.

We jumped on the three-part meal, which comes with two sides and a main “entree.” This included a burger, quesadilla, and hush-puppies. The food was absolutely delicious, and the best part? It was pretty darn affordable, too. Guests can expect to spend anywhere between $6 and $10 for a full lunch; your mileage may vary, of course.

Needless to say, we’re stoked to have another lunchtime option in Montgomery. It never hurts to add another option to Zelda Road’s many offerings, and we have no doubt that this Cook Out restaurant will become a fixture in Montgomery’s ever-growing infrastructure.

The Cook Out restaurant started in Greensboro, NC. It has restaurants in ten states, many of which stay open past midnight. Some people call it the “In-N-Out” burger of the South. It offers burgers, chicken, BBQ, sides and more than 40 varieties of milk shakes.

Address: 2610 Zelda Rd, Montgomery, AL 36107

Cook Out restaurant and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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