First, there was ‘Mayochup’ – now, there’s ‘Mayocue’ and ‘Mayomust,’ too

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. It’s looking like the Heinz gods are looking down upon us with graciousness. In September last year, the company announced that they’d be debuting a “Mayochup” in select locations across the United States. Well, as it turns out, that experiment was a big success. They’re extending this Mayo hybrid formula to some other products. The newest generation of these awesome sauces come in the form of two different offerings: “Mayomust” and “Mayocue.”

Welcome to the family, Mayomust and Mayocue.

The first is described as “a delicious mashup of mayonnaise and mustard.” The second, according to TheTakeOut, is “a tasty combination of mayonnaise and barbecue sauce.”

If you Mayomust have some of these new creations, then here’s your Mayocue: the products will be available later this month at most big-box shops. For some of us that likely means tomorrow – for others, you might find yourself waiting until March 31… but get this. Both Mayocue and Mayomust are coming to Amazon and other large, online retailers. So, if you feel that either of these are things you desperately need in your life, you’ve got options.

Mayochup, the big brother.

In fact, we looked. You can get Mayomust and Mayocue right now on Amazon. You’ll be sad to hear that neither is eligible for that oh-so-sweet Amazon Prime, though. So, there’s that. The two’s older brother, Mayochup, is Prime-eligible. Maybe they just need to prove themselves in a finicky market, first!

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