Free Cicis Buffet to Police Officers on Wednesday for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

A free Cicis buffet will be given to any law enforcement official who display a valid form of ID while in uniform on Wednesday.

The promotion will be present at several Cicis locations in and around Central Alabama, but here’s the full list so you don’t waste any time looking for the right place:

  • Montgomery: 981 Ann St, Montgomery, AL 36107
  • Montgomery: 6633 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Prattville: 2782 Legends Pkwy, Prattville, AL 36066

And not for nothing… that sounds like breakfast, lunch, and dinner to us. If you didn’t know, Cicis shifted their focus from pizza to a wider range of options last year. Don’t worry, though: the pizza’s still as good as it always was.

In addition to the food, a valid ID will also get you a drink. You can’t stuff your face without something to wash it down with, right?

No matter what, though, it’s hard to argue Cicis is offering up one of the better deals for policemen and women on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. A free Cicis buffet is nothing to shake a stick at!

Cicis buffet for free, but find more content and no cost on Central Alabama Weekend

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