Get your Petco products delivered same-day with new Shipt service

Many of us have pets. And for those of us who do, we treat them like family. They pretty much make life better in every conceivable way, so it’s natural that we would want to take care of them in a way that’s appropriate for that level of praise. The folks down at Petco and Shipt tend to agree, because they’re launching a new partnership that’ll allow you to have products delivered same-day to your place of residence.

Shipt is basically an Uber or Lyft for groceries and the like. The new program they’ve put together with Petco will allow more than 70 million households access to the more than 1,300 Petco stores across the United States. Shipt members can determine whether they’ll be in-range of one of the Petco stores by simply visiting theĀ Shipt website. You can come become a member of the program at half ($49.99) the regular price if you sign up before April 18; this is an annual fee.

Yes, we know those aren’t Petco items… but work with us, here. (Source: Shipt)

“At Shipt, we make shopping more convenient for our members by providing access to all their household and grocery needs, when they need it. We’re thrilled to now offer the same convenient service for every member of the family, including pets,” said Shipt Chief Executive Officer Kelly Caruso. “Our partnership with Petco demonstrates Shipt’s continued commitment to expand into new categories, make life easier for our members, and bring the store to their doors.”

The company was founded in Birmingham, AL back in 2014. Consumers using the service get unlimited, free delivery on orders more than $35; though, you’ve still got to pay the annual membership fee.

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