Here’s how to make The Cork & Cleaver’s OC Sidecar

The OC Sidecar drink is sure to fit your needs for summer fun!

The Cork & Cleaver is one of Montgomery’s favorite lunchtime traditions. It’s only been around a couple years, but it’s no less found a place in the heart of many a Montgomery resident. In fact, the food is so good, the owners opened a sister restaurant – The Coosa Cleaver – in Wetumpka, which sits just 30 minute outside the Capital of Dreams. You’ll find a plethora of good food at both locations, as well as a host of stellar drinks. Today, bartender Joseph Eddings is going to show you one of them: the OC Sidecar!

Watch our video up above to see how it’s done!

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If you’re having a hard time following along or just want a list of ingredients, then have no fear: we’ve got your back. Here’s what’s inside the Cork & Cleaver’s OC Sidecar:

  • Sugar
  • Ice
  • Ginger liquer from Domaine De Canton
  • Orange liquer from Gran Gala
  • Hennessy
  • Lemon

And that’s just about it! If you’re looking for good drinks and fun times, then we’ve laid it out for you. Where better than the Cork & Cleaver?

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OC Sidecar and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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