Hooters is officially coming to Prattville

If you're a fan of the chain, it's setting up shop next to Bass Pro Shops!

Rumors have been circulating for a couple weeks now, but we’ve finally gotten confirmation: Hooters is coming to Prattville.

The popular chain doesn’t yet have an arrival date, but we do know a few things to help paint the picture for you. If you’re a fan of Bass Pro Shops, then you’re in luck, because the restaurant will be opening close by. In fact, it’s so close, even the restaurant’s address is related to Bass Pro Shops: 2585 Bass Pro Blvd. 

As you can see in our video up above, there’s still a ways to go in getting this place ready for opening day. Nonetheless, we’ve heard that construction is moving along at a pretty rapid pace, so if we were to guess? You’ll probably be able to enjoy a night out at the Prattville Hooters location sooner rather than later.

According to Prattville Director of Planning & Development J. Scott Stephens, the restaurant will be 5,730 square feet, which means there’s plenty of room for activities.

I mean, it fits perfectly into your Friday night out. You can do a little shopping over at Bass Pro Shops ahead of your Saturday morning hunting trip, then head over to Hooters for some fine, high-end food. Maybe you could even take a bro out on a bro date.

At any rate, Hooters is on the way! Let us know what you think about the development on social media.

Hooters and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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