How to Get the Perfect Pour with Common Bond Brewers

Ever wonder how the bartender gets that foam on the top of your beer perfect? Join us as Common Bond's Andrew McNally explains how the process works.

The perfect pour is an art form dating back many generations. Some speak of it in rune-covered texts from bygone eras. Getting the foam and carbonation in your beer just right isn’t something to be taken lightly. Individuals capable of the feat are respected in today’s culture, and for good reason… They understand the pour like nobody else.

Lucky for you and I, one of these artists resides in scenic downtown Montgomery. You’d think that someone with this sort of knowledge would be farming out his know-how to New York City bigwigs. Fortunately, he’s chosen to settle down right here in the Yellowhammer State. That means you can go down on any Friday night to see McNally’s craft in action – or one of his many employee pupils. Perfecting the method can take a lifetime, but seeing it in person? You can’t miss that.

But seriously.

In our latest video, we visit Common Bond Brewers to see the “perfect pour” in action. Head brewer and co-owner Andrew McNally walked us through the process, and while it doesn’t look complicated, there’s a lot to learn. If you’ve ever wondered just how the folks behind the counter get such a great foam-to-booze ratio, then look no further. We’ve got you covered, and in spades.

If you’re interested in learning more about Common Bond, you can head to their Facebook page or check out one of our earlier videos, which featured them. They’re open at varying hours throughout the week, but have a staggered weekend; you won’t be able to get your fix on Monday or Tuesday. But you can enjoy a night at Common Bond every other night of the week, which makes for a pretty darn good time.

We’ll see you for board games and fun this weekend, but don’t forget to circle back with us for awesome weekend ideas.