Kayaking the Coosa River – Conquering Moccasin Gap

Here's what happens when you try and conquer the Coosa River's Moccasin Gap.

The Coosa River is home to a number of fun activities: swimming, fishing, boating and more. But here on Central Alabama Weekend, we’ve got a soft spot for one thing in particular: kayaking. Kayaking the Coosa has become one of the river’s most popular attractions, with multiple businesses offering rentals and assistance. Since the fall paddling season is finally upon us, we thought it would be fun to venture down the river.

Kayaking the Coosa – Moccasin Gap

One of the more intimidating features of the Coosa River is Moccasin Gap. It’s the only class 3 rapid along this section of the Coosa, meaning that it is potentially very dangerous. That said, if you follow instructions well and keep a level head, everything should be OK – even if you fall out of your kayak.

We decided it would be fun to tackle Moccasin Gap – we took a small group through the rapid when, and the results? Well, you’ll have to check out our video up above to find out.

What we can reveal without asking you to click “Play” is that we all had a good time. The Coosa River is filled with great people on the weekend, all looking to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. And for that reason, very few end up in a bad mood. Some would say it’s almost a community! Let us know if you’ll be kayaking the Coosa anytime soon.

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