Krispy Kreme is selling patriotic doughnuts for July Fourth

July Fourth is one of the year’s most celebrated holidays, commemorating America’s independence from Great Britain. And given that the holiday is such a big one, most big companies are trying to get in on the hype as well. After all, it’s the American, capitalist way and who is going to tell us not to? The most recent company to announce festivities (otherwise known as merchandise) ahead of July Fourth is Krispy Kreme, a little doughnut company you might know about.

And you’ll never guess what they’re bringing to the table. It’s truly an innovation like you’ve never seen… it’s red, white, and blue doughnuts; we’ll be referring them as American doughnuts from here on out, because why wouldn’t we?

A picture of the doughnuts you can expect to devour on July Fourth. (Source: Krispy Kreme/Pinterest)

From June 24 to July 4, you’ll be able to stop by participating locations for a patriotic dozen. The company announced the news on Instagram, where they kept the caption simple: “Let freedom ring.” And what better way to celebrate these American doughnuts?

And you’ll be able to jump at a chance for a free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts with any purchase of another dozen on the actual holiday. You’ll need to be a member of the Krispy Kreme Reward program, though, so go ahead and sign up now.

After all, you’ll be missing out on a ton of points from all those American doughnuts you’ll be eating over the next week.

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