Locally Owned Spotlight Series #1 – Sol Restaurante & Taquiera

(Source: Sol Restaurante and Taquiera/Facebook)

I’ve been to many Tex-Mex restaurants in my 25 years on this planet. In fact, I’ve been to so many that I’ve become wary when someone recommends a “good” Mexican restaurant. We have so much great food inspired by the Southwest in and around Montgomery – we’re spoiled, to put it bluntly.

Well, about one year ago, my friend recommended to me a place called “Sol.” While the prospect of having Mexican food on that particular day didn’t excite me, going to a new, up-and-coming restaurant did. And Sol was, so we went.

Sol Restaurante & Taquiera is about as cheap as you can get it while still being one of the most quality food stops in the area. You can fill up on their $2.00 “street” tacos and complimentary chips, or get something more complex from the rest of the expansive menu; if you go the street taco route, I suggest the flank steak “Asada” tacos.

And while the cuisine is exceptional, Sol also offers an array of great drinks at their bar, which boasts a big-screen television for those of you looking to watch the big game or catch up on the latest news. The bar is a bit small, though, so if you’re wanting to catch a seat in the evening, you’ll need to show up early; Sol is packed to the brim with customers nearly every night of the week.

If you’re looking for great Tex-Mex, then Sol should be at the top of your list. The food is next-level and the environment friendly. Servers remember your name, what you like, and even your preference for booth or chair. So next time you’re down on the Atlanta Highway and craving tacos, you know where to go.

Written by WSFA Central Alabama Weekend Producer Jacob Saylor.