McDonald’s UK tried to recreate Kansas City burger and the internet’s not having it

Kansas City is known for its famous foods. In particular, they’ve got a unique, regional approach to crafting what has become one of America’s favorites burgers. This special treat features meat that is dry-rubbed, slow-cooked, and covered in tomato-molasses sauce. If that doesn’t get your stomach rumbling, then I can’t think of much that will.

There are those who have tried to replicate the iconic Kansas City burger, and unfortunately, they’ve all failed. But a barbecue feud of epic proportions has taken hold, as McDonald’s has introduced their attempt at crafting a Kansas City-themed hamburger… in the United Kingdom. 

How un-American.

Yes, that’s right. McDonald’s UK is introducing what they’re calling “The Kansas City Stack,” and the internet is having absolutely none of it. Check the replies to this tweet, which announced the burger’s limited release.

Even outgoing Kansas City Mayor Sly James said that the fast-food chain should “stay in your lane.” He included a tweet that featured a picture of what a “real” Kansas City burger is supposed to look like, for added rub-ins.

The Twitter-verse at large seemed to rally behind the comment.

McDonald’s says the burger will be available until June 25 – but you’ll only be able to get it in the United Kingdom. They make sure to throw some shade at America in the closing sentiments of their advertisement, which reads “Not available in America (Sorry America).”

Meanwhile, America continues laughing at this paltry attempt to use our own burger against us. Stand united with our Kansas City brethren, and fear no evil – like the Kansas City Stack.


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