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Cini Minis Return to Burger King, ’90s Kids Rejoice!

They say it was a cold day in November 2018. The month was coming to an end, and everybody’s pocketbooks hurt from a particularly deal-stuffed Black Friday. Things were quiet around town, and well, things were looking pretty hopeless. Then, faster than light itself, Burger King dropped a piece of monumental news on the table: Cini Minis were back.

If only for a limited time.

Cini Minis are coming back to select Burger King stores for a limited time. These tasty treats were all the rage back in the ’90s, when kids were rocking out to ‘Linkin Park’ and catching Pokemon on their Gameboy Colors. It was a good time to be alive – I know because I lived it.

There’s nothing better than watching Celine Dion win a Grammy for Album of the Year while clutching your collector’s edition of Titanic. 

And at the end of the decade, Cini Minis hit the market with a bang. At that point, we could listen to Celine Dion and eat Cini Minis at the same time – and this, my friends, is what Heaven actually looks like.

According to PopSugar, the Cini Minis come in a pack of four for just $1.49. And side note: you can get a free pack of Cini Minis if you order through Grubhub, spending more than $10 before tax and tip. Lucky for you, Grubhub hit Montgomery just a few months back.

Here’s the Instagram post announcing their glorious return:

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