Mr. Gus’ Ristorante to remain open after owner’s passing

The owner of Mr. Gus’ Ristorante, Dimitri Polizos, passed away last week after suffering a heart attack at his home. The 68-year-old was an Alabama State Representative who was also a beloved member of the Montgomery community. He would often be found in his restaurant, welcoming customers with open arms. The fate of Mr. Gus’ Ristorante was left in question after Polizos’ passing, but we’ve got an update that should excite fans of the establishment!

A member of Rep. Polizos’ family told us that Mr. Gus’ Ristorante will be remaining open. Michael Passineau, who worked with Polizos for close to five years, is now overseeing the restaurant. According to the family member, Passineau hopes to “maintain the same food and atmosphere” for which Polizos strove.

For many in the Montgomery community, Polizos’ passing was a huge blow. But with this news, we’ll be able to revel in his legacy as long as the restaurant remains open. So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to get out and enjoy some classic Italian food!

Mr. Gus’ Ristorante and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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