Mrs. B’s Home Cooking back open for business on Tuesday

Mrs. B's Home Cooking is the place to find real soul food in Montgomery.

Mrs. B’s Home Cooking was the victim of a massive fire back in January that forced the restaurant to close. Ever since, Margaret Boyd (Mrs. B) has been trying to figure out a way to open back up. We’ve been keeping watch, and we’re excited to tell you that the time is finally here: Mrs. B’s Home Cooking will be back open for business on Tuesday, March 12.

In other words… tomorrow!

Mrs. B’s Home Cooking is one of Montgomery’s favorites, and while it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get to return to the old location, she’s set up shop somewhere new. You can get your Mrs. B’s fix by heading over to 415 Airbase Boulevard between the hours of 5:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. She’s open Sunday through Friday each week.

Mrs. B’s Home Cooking has delicious southern dishes abound.

There was some worry that Boyd wouldn’t be able to find the right equipment to open up on March 12, but thankfully, everything is set for a grand reopening.

Mrs. B’s Home Cooking has been a Montgomery staple for some time. It’s one of the most popular lunchtime spots for military servicemen and women working at Maxwell Air Force Base. And in truth, Montgomery police officers and fire fighters agree – they are all supportive of the Mrs. B’s phenomenon. You can check out the video we made featuring Mrs. B’s old location up above, or read our original article here.

Editor’s note: The video at the top of this story features Mrs. B’s Home Cooking at their previous location.

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