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New Ocean Chinese restaurant now open on Atlanta Highway

Head down to New Ocean Chinese buffet to try Montgomery's newest restaurant.

The latest restaurant to hit Montgomery’s doorstep comes in the form of New Ocean, a Chinese, all-you-can-eat buffet. It occupies the old Winn-Dixie building down on the Atlanta Highway. Read on to find out more about this new addition to the Montgomery infrastructure, and be sure to check out our video up above!

New Ocean has tons of different selections available, even some lesser-known options like “honey chicken.” Sure, we’re all familiar with General Tso’s, sesame, and orange chicken – and all these are available, as well – but it’s fun to try some different tastes.

In addition, you’ll find your standard assortment of Hibachi and sushi fare. There’s a bar adjacent to the rest of the setups that offers up just about any sushi combination you could want; the tuna rolls are particularly good, and they were running out by the time we left! And of course – it’s always fun to watch the non-sushi items cooked up right in front of you.

Something that was a bit strange to me was the presence of random, mid-day talk shows that were projected on each of the four walls of the restaurant. Judge Judy, a random religious daytime show, and a soap opera were all part of the experience when we went. It’s a bit odd, but I mean… it’s entertainment, right?

With the wealth of awesome Chinese restaurants we’ve got in Montgomery, it will be interesting to see how New Ocean fares in a spot where not even a strong company like Winn-Dixie could survive. Only time will tell!

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