New otter pups debut at Montgomery Zoo

These pups are super cute - make sure you head out to the zoo and see them!

Last week we wrote about three little pigs who made their debut at the Montgomery Zoo. Now there are two new babies ready to make their first public appearance.

This time, there are two North American river otter pups who will be introduced to the public on May 31 at the River Otter Exhibit.

The one male pup Dipper, or Dip for short, and one female pup Dot, were born at the Montgomery Zoo on February 25. Their parents, 5-year-old Lisa and 4-year-old Oliver have called the Montgomery Zoo home for several years.

The Montgomery Zoo to welcome two new otter pups, Dip and Dot, on May 31.

“Dip and Dot have been spending time with mom in the den bonding and learning all the things otter pups need to know. As it is in nature, Dad does not have an active role in the early stages,” said Shelli Dean, Assistant Animal Care Manager.

According to the Montgomery Zoo, river otters tend to live alone or in pairs, but often socialize in groups. The otters are known for their playful behavior.

A typical North American river otter lives around 12 years, but the oldest river otter on record lived to be 27.

Zoo Director Marcia Woodard said they are thrilled to be welcoming new life to the Montgomery Zoo.

“We are excited to add these new additions to our zoo family as it furthers the Zoo’s mission of animal conservation, species protection and improving the future of wildlife,” Woodard said.

The Montgomery Zoo invites all friends and visitors to join the Zoo staff as Dip and Dot are introduced on Friday morning. The River Otter Exhibit is located in the North America section of the zoo near the eagles and Canadian lynx.

If you can’t make the initial appearance on May 31, don’t worry! The zoo plans on the pups being on display daily from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.