Papa’s Pizza is Montgomery’s latest space for quick-and-easy goodness

Papa's Pizza is the spot you need to try for lunch.

Papa’s Pizza opened a couple months ago, and somehow, we missed it! But have no fear – we raced down to check it out today, and we’ve only got good things to say. Read more to find out more about Montgomery’s latest pizza joint, and check out our video above for an inside look.

Papa’s Pizza sits on the corner of one of Cloverdale’s strip malls, across from Cafe Louisa, Vintage Year, and Derk’s. Right next to it is a car wash, and on the other side, a gas station. The signage at this location is so small, you’ve likely passed by it a few times going to work or visiting some of the area’s awesome attractions. It’s foodie central down there, and Papa’s Pizza is just the latest addition.

Papa’s Pizza differs from the other attractions in the area though. It’s much more low-profile, and because of that, it’s also quite a bit cheaper than what you’d expect from similar establishments. For instance, you can get a large pizza with two toppings and an additional cheese pizza for just $14.00 as part of their “two for Tuesday” deal. On Mondays, you only pay $12.25 for the same deal! There are a lot of different daily promotions you can take advantage of at this new space, and we’d urge you to check it out.

There’s a lot more than pizza, as well. You can find an assortment of different pastas and other Italian-inspired foods at Papa’s Pizza. Check them out at the address below to have a taste and see for yourself:

Address: 1614 S Decatur St. Montgomery, AL 36104

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