Pickle, Coal, Clam-Flavored Candy Cane Options Exist if You Want to RUIN the Holidays

Christmas is a holiday that everyone should enjoy. And with Christmas comes a treat that most everybody’s had at one time or another: the traditional candy cane, infused with the classic taste of peppermint. It’s not a candy that I particularly enjoy, but in the name of the holidays, it’s an acceptable one. But there’s one company who’s looking to up-end everything we hold dear – novelty company Archie McPhee has crafted nine different flavored candy cane options with which you can ruin Christmas for everyone but yourself.

Because you’ll be laughing.

If you’re thinking, “Oh, Jacob – you’re being melodramatic,” then you’re blissfully unaware of the situation. Take a gander at this positively atrocious list of flavors, then come back and tell me that the sanctity of Christmas isn’t being savaged:

  • Jumbo Bacon Candy Cane
  • Mac & Cheese Candy Canes
  • Clamdy Canes
  • Bacon Candy Canes
  • Pickle Candy Canes
  • Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes
  • Coal Candy Canes

Now do you understand the dire situation we’re in? Can you back me up when I tell you that we’re in the wrong timeline? Can we start taking steps to fix what’s been broken?

In all seriousness, there are a bunch of fun items over at Archie McPhee that’ll be great for the holidays. Getting your cousin to try a clam-flavored candy cane sounds like a viral YouTube video waiting to happen, and we’re totally here for it – just don’t ask us to take their place.

You can find a full list of Archie McPhee’s seasonal candy canes past this link. As a result, you’ll be wrecking Christmas for the family in no time.

Get your flavored candy cane, and join us on Central Alabama Weekend!

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