Pour Your Own Beer at Montgomery’s ‘Tower Taproom,’ Open Early 2019

Montgomery has played host to a number of awesome, new restaurants, bars, and attractions in 2018. You could even say it’s been one of the biggest years yet here in the Capital of Dreams. From what we can tell, that momentum is carrying straight over into 2019! The same folks behind ‘Central,’ one of Montgomery’s premiere fine-dining establishments, are opening up the new “Tower Taproom” in early 2019.

Tower Taproom claims the new offering will be “the first self-pour beer concept in Alabama.” The space, which will feature more than 40 beers, wines, and ciders, will take residence in the former Dreamland BBQ location at 101 Tallapoosa Street.

But you might be wondering: “How does this work?” We’re glad you asked!

When you step into the Tower Taproom, you’ll be given an card with some pretty cool technology inside. When the card is locked into place by your drink of choice, you can pour by the ounce until it’s removed. Once you’ve reached 32 ounces, you’ve got to renew your card or settle up at the counter.

Here’s a video showing off the process:

Tower Taproom offering more than just alcohol

And it’s not just good booze that the Tower Taproom’s bringing to Montgomery. They’re going to be offering food, as well!

“The menu will be casual to include a selection of unique specialty burgers, salads and sandwiches,” they wrote in a press release. If the food’s anything like Central’s, you’re in for a treat…

The Taproom is set to open in the first quarter of 2019, and patrons will be able to rent out a private event space below the restaurant; it’s expected this space will take a bit longer to prepare than the Taproom itself.

You can follow Tower Taproom on social media to get the latest, or simply join us on ours. Either way, you’ll stay in the loop!

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