See inside the Kritter Kids Kountry Korner opening day through pictures

If you missed the Kritter Kids Kountry Korner grand opening, you missed out! It was a great time with snacks, animals, and people from miles around. We’ve got some pictures from the event – which happened this past Sunday – and we’re finally able to share them with you.

Take a look at the day as told through these awesome photos!

These volunteers helped the Ron and Angie Vanherwyn set up for the grand opening, and smiles were abundant, as you can tell…

As visitors started to arrive, the team knew it was going to be a big day for the animals and the zoo.

Of course – these volunteers and their turtles were ready for anything and everything.

The visitors started lining up outside the zoo’s demonstration area as Ron and Angie prepared their demonstrations.

Ron took the veritable stage first, explaining about some of the animals they care care of at Kritter Kids.

Angie took to another part of the zoo, teaching kids about different animal species.

All-in-all, everybody had a good time and learned a lot about wildlife!

So come on out to Kritter Kids Kountry Korner to say hi!

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