Spartakus Mexican Restaurant Open in Montgomery

Spartakus is the latest Mexican restaurant to open its doors in Montgomery.

New restaurant Spartakus opened for business on Tuesday. Dubbed with a unique name and offering stellar Mexican food, you’ll find your latest addiction at this great, new spot.

You might be wondering why the new space is named after a gladiator – that’s because Jason Majano – one of the owners of Spartakus – has a family member who has been through thick and thin. His uncle was in a car crash and, like a warrior, Majano’s uncle fought for a long time against the injuries he acquired in the accident. As a result, that’s why you see this fusion of European history and Latin American cuisine. It’s definitely an interesting take on an old recipe, and we’re excited to see how Spartakus fits into the Montgomery infrastructure over the coming months.

Making Spartakus even more unique is the fact that it’s got multiple attractions in one, giant package – and we’re not kidding: this place is big. It’ll be a party on Friday nights, no doubt.

Spartakus is more than just food

Spartakus sees itself as a hangout spot for Montgomery. They’ve got multiple themed nights throughout the week where patrons can come and enjoy the atmosphere. For instance, Thursday nights are karaoke night. If you’ve got the confidence to get on-stage – and maybe a few margaritas will help – then you’re in luck! Additionally, they’ve got an outside hookah bar. Considering they’re open from 11:00 am to 2:00 am, they should attract a wide variety of customers throughout the day and night.

Address: 1060 Eastern Boulevard Montgomery, AL 36117

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