Subway $5 Footlong No Longer a Guarantee

We all know the Subway $5 footlong promotion. The song became an iconic piece of advertising throughout the past decade, and kept many of us coming back to our local franchises. But there are rumbles in the corporate world: the $5 footlong may not be a guarantee in your town anymore.

Subway CEO Trevor Haynes  told USA Today that franchisees would no longer be required to offer the $5 footlong promotion at their locations. This marks a huge shift away from a deal that has become synonymous with the Subway brand. The company’s stores are 100 percent franchised, and when store owners aren’t happy, neither is Subway.

Why are stores shying from the Subway $5 footlong?

According to Haynes, franchisees complained about the slim profit margins accrued by the Subway $5 footlong.

“How do we help our franchises with more of a regional value message, so they’re able to [have] a value proposition that fits with their economic model,” Haynes told USA Today. “If you look at California, there’s a very different cost of business than in Arkansas.”

The 47-year-old Haynes is a new CEO for the company – he’s only been at the helm since early this summer. But he’s been with the company for 12 years. And while the footlong likely remains a popular choice for consumers, a host of new treats are coming to fill the void.

Included in this new model are:

  • New beverage options
  • Paninis
  • Guajillo steak
  • Steakhouse melt – this, among many other new sandwich options
  • And much, much more

The new direction is certainly a big change for Subway, and while we lament the Subway $5 footlong, we remember it fondly. And hey: maybe your location will continue to offer the promotion. You never know, right?

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