Tenda Chick Closed in Montgomery After 25 Years

It’s official: Tenda Chick closed on the Atlanta Highway as of Friday afternoon.

Signs posted on the building’s windows and doors indicate Tenda Chick’s closing. The notices, posted by the Alabama Department of Revenue, claim that Tenda Chick was forced to shut down because they failed to pay taxes. They, along with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, padlocked and closed the business, according to Capt. George Beaudry of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

(Source: Susan Hall Smith)

“This location of Tenda Chick is CLOSED,” one of the signs reads. “Thank You for Your patronage over the past 25 years.”

(Source: Susan Hall Smith)

Tenda Chick closed: Look here for developments

Beaudry said that the shutdown came as a result of failure to pay taxes. He said the order came from Judge James Anderson, and that the business owner must settle matters with the Circuit Court in order to reopen.

Tenda Chick has been a Montgomery staple for 25 years. Community members took to Facebook, voicing their unhappiness with the situation.

But this is just the latest in a long line of legal trouble in which the Tenda Chick location has found itself. For instance, the location closed in August as a result of improper refrigeration.

Rest in peace, Tenda Chick.