Teri & Grill’s new location open on the Atlanta Highway

The Montgomery infrastructure is home to tons of great foodie spots and restaurants. Whether you’re running down to Vicki’s Lunch Van to grab a burger over lunch or trying the traditional American fare at The Cork & Cleaver, you’ll find pretty much anything your heart desires. Teri & Grill is just another one of these awesome institutions, and they’ve had so much success that they’re opening a second location on the Atlanta Highway.

The new location will be located at 6228 Atlanta Highway, sitting right next to Montgomery hot spots like Mr. Gus’ Ristorante and Montgomery Martial Arts. The whole area is a mecca of food, fun, and shopping that’s hard to find anywhere else in Montgomery. It’s due in part to the area’s close proximity to Auburn University at Montgomery. However, this new addition is bringing another great option to the lunchtime exploits of those university-goers.

A photo taken outside Teri & Grill on Monday night. (Source: Sam Hong/Facebook)

Teri & Grill serves affordable Asian fusion-style food to its menu. You can find mundane items like the classic chicken tender all the way out to dishes you may have never tried, like Katsu. And if that wasn’t enough, the menu even stretches to add favorites like the Philly cheesesteak. What lots of folks end up going for are the Teri-branded choices, like the Teri Bowl or Teri Box. These custom meals are to die for.

For instance, when you’re ordering the Teri Box, its price starts at $8.99. As you add sides, different rices, or drinks, the price extends upward; the Teri Box is similar in its mechanics.

So, what do you say? Will you be trying Teri & Grill at its new location?

Teri & Grill on Central Alabama Weekend

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