The Alabama Maze – Trivia is the Only Way Through

In the Alabama Maze, trivia is your only hope.

The Alabama Maze opened recently in Troy, Alabama. It’s one of the coolest, recent additions to the city’s offerings, and here’s why: trivia. The maze will send you down the wrong path if you answer incorrectly. Answer correctly, and you’ll make quick work of this 2-acre beast.

Each question should come as easy to native Alabamians; each one comes from the official fourth grade textbook. For instance, you might be asked, “What is the the official saltwater fish of Alabama?” You’ll be presented with two or three options, each of them color-coded. You’ll take the path that’s correlative to your answer, and if you’re right, then you’ll come to another question.

The other way through the maze is trial and error. If you are coming from out-of-town or just didn’t pay attention in fourth-grade history class, then you can still have a lot of fun exploring the maze. It’s made out of Sudangrass, and there are lots of props relative to Alabama history throughout. It’s a fun time – especially if you’re going with a group.

Where is the Alabama Maze?

The Alabama Maze is open through October or until the first frost hits and kills the Sudangrass. Until then, the Maze is hosting a ton of different events. Some of these feature other parts of the Butter and Egg Adventures camp, where the Alabama Maze is housed. You can run the maze at night with flashlights, zip line through the trees around the maze, or participate in a number of other fun attractions. Butter and Egg Adventures is honestly the Six Flags of Troy!

While there’s no word as to whether or not we’ll see The Alabama Maze return next year, the response has been huge. If you’re looking for a good time before things get too cold here in Alabama, then why not check them out?