The Crimson Tide has chosen Conecuh as their official smoked sausage

Yep – that’s not a headline you read every day. But here in Alabama, and indeed at the University of Alabama, we love Conecuh. And according to a press release from the university, they’ve now made Conecuh the official smoked sausage of the Crimson Tide.

Even if you’re an Auburn fan, if I can’t get a “Roll Tide” for that, then we just can’t be friends. Sorry, not sorry.

During the 2019 to 2020 athletics season, “Conecuh Sausage will be the exclusive smoked sausage marketed by the Crimston Tide Sports Network.” So, what does that mean for those of you attending games and the like?

Well, for starters, there’ll be a brand new pre-game tailgate show entitled The Conecuh Sausage Crimson Tide Tailgate Party. Apart from that, the brand will also receive tons of exposure at athletic facilities and events. Conecuh will be served as a concessions menu item at Bryant-Denny Stadium and other on-campus sports venues during the upcoming season.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about this new team-up.

“We’re excited about reaching more Crimson Tide fans with Conecuh Sausage, and we are pleased to be working with Athletics and Crimson Tide Sports Marketing,” said John Sessions, owner and operator of Conecuh Sausage Company in Evergreen, AL. “We look forward to a successful partnership and can’t wait to get started with Alabama football.”

Of coure, we here on Central Alabama Weekend are plenty excited for this development, too. As you know, we absolutely adore foods of all kinds. And to that end…

Conecuh and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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