This little red schoolhouse dishes out amazing food that’s totally worth the drive

So what do you say? Want to eat lunch at one of the older buildings in Alabama?

Alabama’s got its fair share of unique and entertaining spots. This is especially true for dining! Central Alabama Weekend is basically built on the backs of all the fantastic foodie establishments. That’s why we made the trek out to Grady in an effort to highlight one of the state’s best: Little Red’s Schoolhouse. The restaurant is one of the town’s most prolific and delicious! Grady itself doesn’t have much competition, but we’d rank Little Red’s pretty high on our list of Alabama favorites.

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If you’re looking for good, southern cooking, then the search is over. Little Red’s Schoolhouse has a specialty in nearly every facet of this beloved archetype. Here, you’ll find fried cornbread, chicken, vegetables farther than the eye can see, and so much more. In fact, you don’t have to just take our word for it. There are lots of folks who drive in from out of town to revel in the good food and fun.

Owner and founder “Red” Deese said people from Grady support the restaurant fully, but that they’ll also get visitors who have driven up from Florida. If people are making that sort of drive, then what are you waiting for?

In fairness, I’ve lived in Central Alabama my entire life and only just discovered this amazing, little spot. I think it’s still – to some degree – a hidden gem. Unfortunate for those who have tried to keep that secret that we’ve stumbled upon them…

Little Red’s Schoolhouse address: 20 Gardner Rd, Grady, AL 36036

Red’s Little Schoolhouse and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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