This Montgomery music student practices piano 6 hours a day

Learn about Myles Jordan, one of Montgomery's brightest new music students.

I think it’s fair to say that there are many of us who wish we’d learned and done more in our youth. Maybe there’s a skill we never really acquired or a talent we didn’t explore further. That’s why it’s always so refreshing to see young people seizing the day, and 16-year-old Myles Jordan is the perfect example. He’s a student at the Montgomery School of Music, and get this: he practices six hours every day. 

If that isn’t dedication, then you’ll have to let me know what is.

At any rate, Myles began his journey at a young age. His parents would put him to sleep while listening to big-name composers like Bach, Mozart, and Chopin. As he got older, Jordan became more familiar with the notes and started plucking away on the piano. He developed the ability to replicate some of these musical pieces by ear. There are individuals who study for years to reach this point, and Jordan was doing it with no formal training.

However, the question remained: “How do we get even better?”

Jordan then came to the Montgomery School of Music after learning about Chinese pianist Lang Lang. A master of the craft, Lang Lang advocates for aspiring musicians to hunt down formal training. Jordan’s father called the school and said that his son could play piano by ear. Director Brannon Littleton said that he had his doubts about the claim, because he’s heard this so many times before.

As it turns out, Jordan was as capable as his father said.

And that relationship between Jordan and Littleton is creating one of Montgomery’s brightest talents. Even though Jordan has only been taking lessons for a year and a half, he  recently gave his first full concert at Frazer United Methodist Church. You can check out the Montgomery School of Music Facebook page for updates and events on Jordan’s musical career – maybe you can even show up for a recital or concert!

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