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This Montgomery Music Teacher Won Her First Violin in a Contest

Montgomery School of Music Violin Instructor Shoronda Williams is one of the best teachers in the River Region.

Last month, we showed you the Montgomery School of Music’s humble beginnings. The business has since grown into one of the region’s most-beloved places to learn new instruments, receiving some of the best instruction in the River Region. One of its teachers, Shoronda Charles, is one one reason why the Montgomery School of Music has seen such resounding success. Here’s why this Montgomery music teacher is shaking things up in a positive way.

In grade school, Charles fell upon the violin as many of us do in childhood – with a little chance and a sprinkling of curiosity. Her teacher asked if anyone would be interested in playing the violin, to which she received a smattering of interest. When the students were told they’d be getting out of class for an hour each week, Charles was the first to raise her hand. From there, her love of violin grew and intensified to the point that she would eventually come to teach others.

But this journey wasn’t without its challenges.

As a result, Charles’ family could not afford to purchase a violin for her. Eventually, her teacher put her into a contest where the prize was just that. She won, and from there, she hastened the process of becoming a virtuoso. She went to college and studied violin in one-on-one settings, and she said this was perhaps the biggest change she’d experienced throughout her career in music. The experience of having a teacher all to yourself made all the difference for Charles.

And that’s why she’s teaching private violin lessons at the Montgomery School of Music now. This Montgomery music teacher wants to make sure that others have the same opportunities that she did – especially those residing in Central Alabama.

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