This Montgomery restaurant imports ingredients all the way from Jamaica

Montgomery is home to tons of awesome restaurants, but this one is particularly unique.

Here on Central Alabama Weekend, we love food. It’s no secret – we’ve been to all sorts of different places. Whether you’re tasting the 100-year-old fried chicken recipe at Martin’s, grabbing one of the many burger combos at 5 Points, or supporting the teenage-run That’s My Dog, Jr. Montgomery and the surrounding communities are a gift to the culinary world, and we’re stoked to tell you about another awesome spot that imports most of its ingredients straight from Jamaica: Island Delight.

Of course, you may have heard about this stellar restaurant, but let’s talk about why it’s so great. Melissa Smith moved here years ago to be with her husband who was stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base. Because she arrived in the winter and missed the tropics, she says it threw her into a deep depression. She longed for Jamaica, so – after hearing compliments about her cooking – she opened a restaurant focused solely on authentic Jamaican food.

The original location is on Airbase Boulevard near Maxwell, but the Dexter street location in downtown Montgomery seems to be the “main” location now.

Smith maintains that she’s the only place in Alabama where you can find consistent, real Jamaican food. And for what it’s worth, I believe her: Island Delight’s jerk chicken is probably the best I’ve ever had. But it’s not just me! Island Delight and the chefs in the kitchen have won numerous awards for their food.

If you’re looking for someplace truly special for your next lunchtime foray, then why not give Island Delight a try?

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