Watch us try the Burger King Impossible Whopper

If you can stand to watch us for four whole minutes, of course.

So, the totally and completely meat-less Burger King Impossible Whopper is what has been on pretty much everyone’s mind lately. And that’s especially true for those of you living in Montgomery, because we’re one of four markets that’s been chosen to test the new menu item!

Well, today we tried to do something just a little different on Central Alabama Weekend – we tried the Impossible Whopper. Without saying too much, I think it’s fair to say that Tarlesha and I were pretty impressed. Check out the video up above to see our genuine reactions.

Side note: this was the first time I had ever eaten a Whopper in my entire life.

Have you had the opportunity to try the Impossible Whopper? Have you had a similar, plant-based patty? Maybe you just want to tell us what you thought of our reactions. Let us know by messaging us on social media.

Burger King and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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