What to buy at Aldi, as Told by People on the Internet

ALDI came to Prattville recently, and it’s hitting Montgomery soon! If you’ve missed out on all this awesome news, don’t fret: we’ve got you covered. And today, we’re looking at ALDI through the eyes of its real experts, the community!

For those of you unaware, Reddit – where we sourced many of these ideas – is a discussion website where people can talk about anything and everything: politics, TV shows, food and more. It’s one of the most-visited platforms every year, and as such, you can find just about anything your heart desires – including heated debate about what ALDI products you should be buying. We’ve compiled a list of ten items that seemed to make up the most popular answers.

Let’s take a look:

What to buy at ALDI – Wine

One of ALDI’s most popular items is its large collection of wine and beer. While the beer maintains a higher price tag, many attest to being able to find cheap, quality wine at ALDI stores. One Reddit user summed up their argument in short: “Wine…enough said.” Their comment received a number of replies agreeing with the statement; a number lamented that they did not have ALDI stores close to them for the simple fact that wine costs so much elsewhere. It’s also worth noting that ALDI’s wine selection has won a number of awards year-over-year.

Pictured: Exquisite Collection Sauvignon Blanc

What to buy at ALDI – Eggs

Eggs are a mainstay of any kitchen, and ALDI knows this. Totally removing from the equation that they’ve got award-winning organic eggs on the menu, they’re also affordable. And when we’re talking about an item that’s got to be repeatedly bought, the savings add up over time. The Reddit user who made the recommendation – whose post had the most positive feedback – suggested eggs were one of the better deals at ALDI.

Pictured: Simply Nature Organic Cage Free Brown Eggs

What to buy at ALDI – Chocolate

The same Reddit user, among many others, indicated that ALDI’s selection of chocolate may be their best offering. In fact, this comment was the most well-regarded of the feedback we came across. You can find their full selection of chocolate past this link, but some of the items that jump out at us include: coffee brownies, German chocolate cake, and chocolate toffee ice cream truffles. And I mean… It’s chocolate. How can you go wrong?

Pictured: Chocolate Toffee Ice Cream Truffles

What to buy at ALDI – Cereal

If you’re saying you don’t love cereal, then you’re one of two things: wrong or a health nut. In either case, that’s fine, but you can go ahead and skip on to the next entry. With the wide array of off-brand cereals available to customers, ALDI makes shopping on a dime that much easier. Most of the flavors you find will be similar to their “original” counterparts, and will cost you a bit less. This was, like chocolate, one of the more popular pieces of feedback on Reddit.

Pictured: Fit & Active Vitality Cereal with Red Berries

What to buy at ALDI – Cheese

Cheese is often the make-or-break part of any establishment selling food. As Americans, we hold our dining and grocery establishments to a higher level – one that’s predicated on the quality of this beloved product. A number of Reddit users claim that ALDI’s cheese selection is second-to-none, and topping a lot of those lists is ALDI’s goat cheese. That’s not particularly my cup of tea, but hey – to each their own!

Pictured: Specially Selected Aged Reserved White Cheddar

What to buy at ALDI – Chips

Chips at ALDI are another hot commodity, according to the top comment on this Reddit thread. Specifically referenced were ALDI’s sweet potato chips, which are allegedly some of the best around. And since you’re living in the South and potato chips are a common Saturday tradition, you’d best get to your local ALDI posthaste! Find a full selection of chips at ALDI past this link.

Pictured: Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips

What to buy at Aldi – Bread

If there’s a food more close to the human heart than bread, I haven’t heard of it. This longstanding, global staple is one of ALDI’s top attractions, and Reddit agrees with us. The comment in particular notes that ALDI’s bread prices are much cheaper than competitors’, and a reply mirrors those sentiments: “I don’t buy pantry basics and basic vegetables anywhere else.”

Pictured: Cheese Soda Bread

What to buy at ALDI – Milk

While there’s not one particular brand of milk at ALDI that signals higher quality, the savings are still there, according to Reddit. Milk has become a commonplace part of the American refrigerator, and when you’re buying it on the regular, the costs can be pretty enormous. That’s where the rest of ALDI’s cost-saving initiatives come into play – you can read more about how ALDI keeps prices low in one of our recent articles.

Like milk, produce at ALDI isn’t necessarily of higher quality. However, they manage to produce savings in some pretty unique ways. One of these, says Reddit, is the weekly “Produce Picks” section that’s present at many ALDI stores. This rotating display offers customers a better deal than they might find in other sections of the store, and with the prices of produce these days? We can’t argue with that.

Pictured: USDA Organic Carrots

What to buy at ALDI – ‘Girl Scout Cookies’

OK – before you jump on us, ALDI doesn’t sell actual girl scout cookies – but if one comment rings true, they might as well be just as tasty. Specifically, the Reddit user suggests ALDI’s “Caramel Coconut Fudge” cookies; they also write that you should “buy them buy the case.” If that’s not the biggest endorsement of someone’s product, then I don’t know what is.

Pictured: Benton’s Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies

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