Where to Eat in Millbrook, AL

The city of Millbrook is one of Central Alabama’s most vibrant, growing communities. With that expansion and development, there come lots of great, local restaurants. If you’re looking for where to eat in Millbrook, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fantastic options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this stellar locale.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Catfish House

Address: 3011 Cobbs Ford Rd, Millbrook, AL

The Catfish House is a mainstay of the Millbrook area. They’ve been in operation for more than 40 years, and their food shows why – it’s absolutely delicious. If you’ve been on the lookout for some good seafood, then check them out. While their catfish is, of course, stellar, they’ve got a lot of other really great options available.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Smokehouse BBQ

Address: 2461 Main St, Millbrook, AL

Good barbecue, great sides, and some sweet tea – how can you go wrong? Smokehouse BBQ in Millbrook offers all that and then some. If you’re in the neighborhood for some classic, southern home-cooking, don’t read anymore. You’ve already found nirvana, and it comes in the form of Smokehouse BBQ.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Deaux Boys

Address: 2880 Main St, Millbrook, AL

If you’re looking for a sugary treat in the morning to go along with your hot cup of Joe, Deaux Boys has got your back. They’ve got some of the most luxurious donuts you’ll ever lay eyes on. In fact, we’d argue that Deaux Boys has some of the best donuts across the state – they’re that good! Get out there and try some for yourself.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Plantation House

Address: 3240 Grandview Road, Millbrook, AL

Just look at that room – who wouldn’t want to sit down for some good grub in there? It’s homey, unique, and downright welcoming. The Plantation House is a really special Millbrook restaurant that will have fill you to the brim with Momma’s cooking. They’ve got veggies, meats, salads, breads, and dessert – you won’t hurt for choices here.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Hot Diggity Dog Cafe

Address: 4840 Main Street, Millbrook, Alabama

We’re big fans of Hot Diggity Dog Cafe here on Central Alabama Weekend. They just opened in September 2018, and have been one of the most popular destinations recently. Their hot dogs are next-level delicious, and if you’re talking affordability, I had an entire meal for just under $3.00. At that price point, where to eat is an easy decision. Check out our video featuring Hot Diggity Dog Cafe here.

Where to eat in Millbrook – What’s for Lunch

Address: 4876 Main St, Millbrook, Alabama

Like Hot Diggity Dog Cafe, What’s for Lunch is one of the most recent additions to Millbrook’s infrastructure. But while Hot Diggity Dog Cafe satisfies the cheap, unhealthy demon inside all of us, What’s for Lunch sates a healthier version of ourselves. But here’s the thing – you’re not losing any taste in the deal. You can’t miss this awesome establishment.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Front Porch Grill

Address: 106 Deatsville Highway, Millbrook, Alabama

The Front Porch Grill’s motto is “belly rubbin’ good food,” and in our experience, there’s never been a truer statement. The epitome of coma-inducing food, the Front Porch Grill will have you wanting a nap in no time. If you show up for lunch, you’d better have a coffee ready when you head back to work. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Ban Thai

Address: 173 Ashton Plaza Street, Millbrook, Alabama

Ban Thai is one of Millbrook’s best destinations for Thai food – it’s in the name, so we’d be worried if it weren’t. Get all the curry noodles, and chicken your heart desires at this spectacular gem. They’ve also got an assortment of different sushi available, so if you’re wanting something off-the-beaten-path, you’ll be well taken care of.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Joe Mama’s

Address: 63 Wisteria Place, Millbrook, Alabama

Burgers, fries, chicken, hot dogs, turkey, ham, and more – find it all at Joe Mama’s. And while Joe Mama’s might sound like your typical American-fare restaurant, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s one of the most delicious spots in in Millbrook, and across Central Alabama. Find your fix in any capacity at Joe Mama’s.

Where to eat in Millbrook – Donuts D-lite

Address: 3371 Highway 14, Millbrook, Alabama

One of the two premiere doughnut shops in Millbrook, Donuts D-lite is sugary, carb-filled goodness that you can’t turn down. Interestingly enough, they only cater to the morning crowd: D-lite’s only open until 11:00 am each day, and they close even earlier on Sunday. None of that matters, because they’re so good you’ll be waking up before work to take advantage.

Where to eat in Millbrook – The Crave Catering Company

Address: 200 Deatsville Hwy, Millbrook, Alabama

The Crave Catering Company is one of Millbrook’s most recent and delicious additions. Don’t let their name fool you – they do much more than catering. Show up anytime during business hours and experience some of the best southern cooking that you’ve ever tasted. Bonus points for the stellar service you always receive here.

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