Yellowhammer Cafe is moving, but not far

If you’re into the southern meat-and-three experience, chances are you’ve been to or heard of the Yellowhammer Cafe. They’re actually a pretty recent addition to the Montgomery infrastructure, first opening their doors on September 1, 2016. Since then, those in and around the Capital of Dreams have flocked to the space en masse. It’s been incredible – but it’s time for this business to evolve.

The Yellowhammer Cafe at its soon-to-be-old location with a particularly cool-looking car out front. (Source: Yellowhammer Cafe/Facebook)

The Yellowhammer Cafe is moving to a new space that’s just off of Taylor Road, and will sit just a few minutes away from shopping and fun; if you’re familiar with the old Blue Moon Cafe building, then you’ll know where it is.

Here’s the address, just in case you’re having a hard time picturing it: 7725 Averiett Dr. 36116. For reference, Yellowhammer Cafe currently sits at 1961 Bell St, Montgomery, AL 36104.

We don’t know why they’re moving, but they are – so do with that what you will.

Yellowhammer’s last day of business at their old location will be Friday, July 26. But starting next week, you’ll be able to enjoy your eats in brand new digs. Check out their Facebook Page to get the latest updates as they become available… and for their daily menu updates.

Will you be visiting the restaurant at its new location in the next few weeks? Well, why not share your thoughts with us when you do…

Yellowhammer Cafe and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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