10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

What are the best Mexican restaurants in Montgomery? We’ve got such a wealth of them that sometimes it can be hard to pick and choose! Use our handy guide to discover the best Mexican restaurants in Montgomery.

Sol Restaurants and Taquiera – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 3962 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36109

Sol offers a wide variety of high-quality dishes for affordable prices. You can gorge yourself on street tacos, have some delicious elote, or binge on a massive fajita. They’ve also got some of the most tasty salsa around town, so next time you’re down on the Atlanta Highway, check them out!

San Marcos – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 61 N Burbank Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117

Located just off the Atlanta Highway on Burbank Drive, San Marcos is a popular destination for families and friend circles alike. It’s situated inside of a shopping center, next to a board game shop and a pool hall. The area’s great for any Friday night, and if tacos being a part of that is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Ixtapa Bar and Grill – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 7157 Eastchase Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36117

Ixtapa Bar and Grill is a Montgomery classic that’s taken residence in the popular Shoppes at Eastchase. While San Marcos and Burbank drive certainly have the nightlife covered, you’ll want to opt for Ixtapa if any shopping needs to get done after eating. And hey – maybe there’s a cool event happening, too!

La Zona Rosa – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 2838 Zelda Rd Montgomery, Alabama

La Zona Rosa is perhaps Zelda Road’s most popular destination for Mexican food. Situated in a supremely unique, comfortable building, La Zona Rosa’s got all the classics: refried beans, tacos, burritos, rice, and more. Sometimes, the classics are just what you need to push through that midday slump.

El Jalisco – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 5471 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, Alabama

El Jalisco takes some liberties with classic Mexican fare dishes. But in our experience? They’ve blown many of the old recipes out of the water in fresh, new ways. Located on the east side of Montgomery, El Jalisco is centrally located and easy to access if you’re feeling famished.

Cuco’s Mexican Cafe – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 72 Dexter Ave Montgomery, Alabama
Cuco’s offers patrons a slightly-more-upscale restaurant experience. All the fan favorites are there: margaritas, chips, tamales and more. But you can rest knowing that the ingredients are coming from a shelf higher than the rest, and for that, this Montgomery staple finds itself on our list.

El Taco Shop – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 3271 Malcom Dr. Montgomery, Alabama

The fine folks at El Taco Shop are experts in one thing: tacos. Customers flock to this well-reviewed Montgomery establishment every day. Of particular note are the shop’s seasonings, spices, and peppers. While others might have the same foods, very few are able to match the quality of El Taco Shop.

Little Donkey – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 7720 Eastchase Pkwy Montgomery, Alabama

It’s hard to think of many Mexican restaurants that offer the same quality food that Little Donkey provides. They’ve got a host of award-winning foods, most notably their fried chicken. And if you’re wondering why a Mexican restaurant has some of the best fried chicken in Montgomery, you may want to check them out.

El Rey Burrito Lounge – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 1031 E Fairview Ave. Montgomery, Alabama

Listen – it’s hard to find a more classy Mexican restaurant than the El Rey Burrito Lounge. Nestled in Old Cloverdale adjacent to Montgomery’s bustling downtown, you’ll be coming back to this one for a long time coming. Good vibes and even better food make El Rey one of the must-visit spots in Montgomery.

Jalapenos in the Alley – Best Mexican Restaurants in Montgomery

Address: 138 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104

Jalapenos in the Alley is a Montgomery classic. It’s been in the city’s downtown for a long time now, and it’s become something of a lunchtime tradition. Hence, we can’t overstate just how popular this space is on a Friday night. Considering its central location next to popular sites like the Riverfront, it’s a can’t-miss opportunity!

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